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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


How long has it been since you've played Monopoly?
For me (and Matt) it's been YEARS....since our childhood. Not only have I not played it in probably 20ish years...but I also haven't wanted to either. All I could really remember about that game is that it takes FOREVER and that it is slow and boring and pointless.
The kids and I went to a neighborhood garage sale on Saturday and happened to come across one particular house where the woman was selling lots of games and activity stuff. I could tell right away that she was VERY organized. When I picked up a Color Wonder book (for .25 cents) she ran right over and handed me all the markers that went with it. Apparently she had all the pieces to the stuff organized and ready to hand out with the things people bought. I was impressed. Normally I don't like to buy board games from garage sales because you never know if you're gonna get all the pieces, but this lady had her stuff together, so I looked thru the games. There on the bottom of the stack was a perfectly maintained and complete Monopoly game. It was marked $1.00 so I thought 'ahh..what the heck, let's try it."
We have been having SO MUCH FUN!
It says for ages 8 and up but I figured I could just help Grant if needed help. We got it out and started playing it on Sunday night and have been playing it every night since! (and still no one has won! ha ha)
We have all been having MAJOR fun spending all this money and buying property and railroads and utilities and houses and apartments!
I don't know if it is from being on such a strict Dave Ramsey budget or what...but I am getting a total adrenaline rush from impulsively saying "sure, I'll pay $360 for Illinois Ave." HA HA For once I don't have to be tight with my money and worry about every penny that I spend!!!
Anyway, it's been a BUH-LAST for all 4 of us and instead of watching the TV every night, we've been having some REAL family fun.
I'll admit, Grant does lose his interest from time to time when it's not his turn, but since there are only 4 of us, it gets back around to him pretty quickly and then he's 'back in the game.'
He's a total money hog though. He doesn't want to buy ANYTHING...he said he's gonna save all his money and see if he can get it stacked up to the ceiling (just like in real life! ha ha)
Brooklyn is cautious with what she spends and only buys something if she has PLENTY more money in her pile.
I buy things left and right and as long as I still have $50 in my pile, I'm happy. HA!
Matt only buys the best. He wants Park Place and Boardwalk and the orange properties because they have the highest rent. Mr. Goody-Goody...has to have the best of everything. (I just want the MOST! hee hee)
Anyway, I know this was probably a boring post and if you are still reading, you are a true friend!
I just wanted to mention how fun it's been because I know plenty of other families who could use some of this kind of fun! (Rene, Kandy, Teresa, Tammy, etc.) Love you all!!


Rock Chef said...

We play Monopoly fairly often - last year we bought a version that does not have money, but each player has a credit card and there is a card reader that tells you how rich you are and lets you spend and receive money.

I like buying the really cheap places...

KC said...

We LOVE playing board games also. We keep the "LIFE" game in the camper and play it when we go camping.
Here in the house, the boys love to play "TROUBLE" or "IGOR" and we also play lots of card games.
It's super fun family time!!:)

Teresa said...

We play board games too...Monopoly is not my favorite but that's probably b/c my husband changes into a nasty ogar when we play!! We play Life too but our favorite is Zingo! :)

Rock Chef said...

Last night we all sat down and played Chinese Checkers - great fun for up to 6 players, the more the merrier. Really simple rules too.

Tammy said...

Board games ROCK!! So glad you guys are having fun. And for only $1. Isn't that something?

Personally I am not a Monopoly fan because it takes too dang long!! Mason was really into last year and we played quite a bit. But I'm like Grant - I lost interest. HA!! Connect Four is better for us ADD-types :)

Kate said...

I used to love playing that game with my grandpa when I was little . . . . until I realized he was cheating so we could finish the game sooner! lol

Rene' said...

Dan and I used to play monopoly in h.s. (before we started dating).He'd come over and I'd cry on his shoulder whenever my current boyfriend was bugging me and we'd wind up playing. So we have a fond 'history' of monopoly. Last week when the girls and I were in Houston, we played it with Dan's mom (they have a newer addition game that has a third special die, which makes the game faster and more fun (auction options and non-optional moves too)). It was SO MUCH FUN, I loved the newer version. Like u said, its a long game so I never want to play-and T is always asking to- so it was fun to play this version of the game, I'm thinking about looking for it bc its more fun than the originial version. We even have a Vegas version to commemorate our history and our previous home. I bought Ashley a "Go Hogs/Arkansas" version a few years ago bc they are big fans.

The only thing I don't like about the game is the whole goal per the instructions. You only win when everyone else goes bankcrupt--how sad is that?

Teresa said...

Missing you!! It's been 2 weeks...tic toc!! LOL...kidding...I know I am not one to talk on this topic!! But...I was just getting back into reading blogs and I always look forward to reading yours. :)