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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Monday, August 03, 2009

$4 a day for 30 days

If I said "I have something that will change your life--that will enable you to get healthy and fit FAST--and will add years and vibrancy to your life--and all it will cost you is $4 a day for 30 days." Would you buy it? Is your health--your life--your future worth that?
Have you been telling yourself you'll join a gym or start an exercise program just as soon as you can afford it? (I know several of you have told me this.)Could you give up your daily cappuccino for it? Maybe down-grade your Dish subscription for a month? Eat out a few less times for a month?Well, I do have this thing. It's P90X. I know, I know...you've heard me go on and on about this for over a year now...but I'm telling you people...you need it in your life. It is SUCH a minimal cost for such a HUGE investment.
WORST case scenario is this: You buy it, you try it, you quit, you sell it on Craig's list.
MORE LIKELY scenario is this: You buy it, you try it, you see that you CAN do it and you lose some weight and get in better shape.
BEST case scenario is this: You buy it, you try it. You find a sense of determination deep inside you that you didn't even know you had. You dedicate yourself to it (no cheating) for the full 90 days and have phenomenal results that shock everyone who sees you.
BESTEST case scenario: Best case scenario PLUS you decide to become a Beachbody Coach and help others have the same success you have had.
Even with the worst case scenario, you've lost a whole lot less than many of us do in one month on eating out alone. Not only is eating out expensive, but (most times) it is also unhealthy. Or, maybe you're one of the ones who could cut back on cable. What kinds of return or payout do you get from investing your time in front of the TV?
Whether you realize it or not--one of your most precious assets is your TIME. What you do with it is an investment. Maybe you invest your time into your job. Maybe you spend it investing into your children's lives. Maybe you invest your time in a hobby. (all good things) but MAYBE you invest (too much of) your time in things that don't offer ANY kind of a pay out--or even worse--a BAD pay out. (tv? video games? fictional reading?) I am NOT saying that those are bad things..I am just saying that from my experience, no one ever said "I am so glad I spend 3 hours a night watching tv...that has just enriched my life in so many ways!"
But...what if you could take just an hour of your time each day and invest it into something that WILL give you a good pay out and enrich your life and change your future? And...we're only talking about a 90 day commitment here folks.90 days from today is Nov. 3rd.
I know several people right now who are about to start P90X who, despite the tough economy and being out of shape, have decided that THEY ARE WORTH IT. They definitely "didn't have the money" and they definitely didn't wait until they were in "better physical condition" (which I've also heard a lot of you say). They picked NOW to start. Hooray!
I remember back when I got my laser eye surgery. The only thing I regretted about it is that I didn't do it sooner. I kept waiting until I had the money. Eventually I realized that I was never going to have such an excess of money and that if I was ever going to get it done, I was going to have to just MAKE a way. Looking back, I am SO GLAD I did it...but I just wish I hadn't waited all those years. All that time I spent fidgeting with contacts and struggling with glasses.
Your health is the same way. Don't waste more and more time being out-of-shape, breathless after climbing a set of stairs, exhausted by everything and uncomfortable, unconfident and unhappy. Make today the beginning of your new life.
I'm not saying P90X is the only way, but if you're not currently doing something that is paying you out amazing dividends on your investment...then consider making a change. This program comes with a guarantee of success--and all you have to do is DO IT. Click HERE to make one of the best decisions of your life!


Kate said...

I had to laugh b/c I read this right after I posted about a book I'm engrossed in right now - ha!